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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Open House- Bluebonnet Stomp!

Last night was Open House.  It was by far the best of all the Open Houses that there ever were. And here's why.  After the parents were done in the classrooms everyone headed outside for our 1st Annual Bluebonnet Stomp!

For those of you who are not Texans, Bluebonnets are our state flower.  I am proud to say that me and 3 wonderful moms...shout out to Patty, Norma, and Lauren!...organized the whole shebang. 

First off, I ordered the seeds in bulk from a local nursery named It's About Thyme.  They gave our school a discount.  Thank you! 
My son's grandpas split the cost and donated the seeds to our school.  Here's what the seeds look like up close. 

Each of our students got a 1 ounce cup filled with seeds.  Approximately 40 seeds where put in each little cup.  The cups were also labeled by grade levels.  Our fabulous moms filled each cup.  Woo!  and sorted them into empty boxes and random trays I could find around the teacher's lounge.  After school Tuesday me and another mom delivered the trays to classrooms. 

When the night was wrapping up in the classrooms (approx. 7:15) our principal came over the intercom and announced that it was time for everyone to grab their cup of seeds and head outside the stomp.  Here is a beautiful sign with the hill in the background where we spread the seeds. 

Our PE coach let us borrow cones to divide up the hill into grade levels.  This way the entire hill got covered.  We used chairs to prop up grade level signs. 
I put out a box for people to put their empty cups in. 
I'm totally going to try to reuse them next year.                                                                  

 I wish I could post some pictures of the kids actually stomping them into the ground.  It was such a sight.  I also wish I could remember forever the feeling that came over me when I walked outside to see everyone coming together for this.  I know it sounds cheesy but just seeing the parents and kids out there participating and was awesome.  First I got the chills and then I just couldn't help but tear up.  Yes, I am a huge sap but it was such a wonderful night.  Parents were talking to each other, teachers were involved, and our sweet little school was a true community.  Pfluger Elementary is one special place to be!

Fingers crossed, this is what our hill will look like in the Spring.  Families will be able to come up and take pictures and the kids will feel powerful.  They are totally going to think they are responsible for every flower and that's okay with me. 


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  1. All credit goes to you! This was a wonderful idea. Seeing Isabel's & Pablo's excitement as they stomped away was priceless!